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Club Karuzela 24.10.09
Although the original „Gala Wrestlingu” event scheduled for 24.10.09 at Klub Stodola had been cancelled, DDW still managed to organize this smaller event in its place. It turned out to be a memorable show and the first of its kind in nearly 16 years in Poland. DDW would like to thank all those in attendance for making this show a success.

The show started with the announcement that Andrzej Supron has been named the new president of DDW. While Mr. Supron was addressing the audience he was interrupted by DDW promoter Pan Pawłowski and his new acquisition, the ragged looking biker, Dangerous Dan. The duo made their way to the ring and proceeded to bad mouth Andrzej Surpon. The confrontation between the newly appointed president and the promoter came to a head when promoter Pawłowski stated that Mr. Supron represented the past of wrestling in Poland, and that his new wrestler represented the future. Needless to say, that did not sit too well with the former Olympic silver-medalist and with two swift blows Andrzej Supron knocked Dangerous Dan out cold.

Match 1 – Dangerous Dan w/ Pan Pawłowski vs. Marcin Wilkowski

Dan, who appeared to be completely unconscious for quite some time, was scheduled for a match at that moment. His opponent, Marcin Wilkowski had an easy night as all he had to do to score the pinfall was simply put his foot on top of the Dangerous one for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall: Marcin Wilkowski

Match 2 – 8 man battle royal

This match featured the students of the DDW wrestling school. All 8 men start in the ring at the same time. Elimination occurs when you are thrown over the top rope to the floor with both feet touching the ground. The last two men standing in the match would go on to have a singles match.

Match 3 – Kamil Manuszewski vs. Max

At the end of the battle royal the last two men standing were DDW’s Kamil Manuszewski, and a newcomer from Austria, Max. These two men went back and forth displaying an incredible series of moves, but in the end the bigger and stronger Max got the best of Manuszewski.

Winner by pinfall: Max

Match 4 – “The Genius” Lanny Poffo vs. Don Roid (2/3 falls match)

Before the match, as is customary with Lanny, he read a (rather controversial) poem. Don Roid made his way to ringside and the match began. It was clear from the beginning that Roid was outmatched both physically and mentally. The first fall ended when Poffo hit a moonsault on Roid, crushing his smaller opponent beneath him. In the end this could have been a mistake as the now over-confident Genius went for the moonsault again looking for a second straight victory. This time Roid got his knees up and quickly pinned Poffo for the second fall. Roid followed up this victory with a series of 3 high risk maneuvers to score the 3rd fall and the victory.

Winner in 2/3 falls: Don Roid

Match 5 – Main Event – El Generico vs. Michael Kovac

As the main event began, the crowd was 100% in favor of “The Generic Luchador”. El Generico gained an advantage at the beginning of the match with a series of arm drags. He continued his advantage, at one point even setting up Kovac for a suicide dive. However in an extreme act of cowardice Kovac pulled a fan in front of him preventing Generico from executing the move.

Later, on the outside of the ring it Kovac ran Generico into the ring post, which gave him a decided advantage throughout most of the fight. However, determined to win, and fighting on with the heart of a true Luchador, Generico began to mount a comeback. Generico hit a flipping suicide dive and a flying crossbody and even used a chair on Kovac, to the fans delight. Kovac was not to be outdone though mounting a comeback of his own. This was cut short though, when El Generico hit the running Ole Kick on Kovac for the victory.

Winner by pinfall: El Generico
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